Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just do it already!

Ok, I don't know who at Fox goofed up, but apparently they had to do a re-run of Tuesday's show last night cause somebody goofed up the voting numbers. This means none of my votes from Tuesday count. I hope people like Constantine, Anwar, and Carrie enough that they stay in. That's who I voted for.

I hope Jessica Sierra gets voted off. I thought she should've gotten the boot last week, but at least Lindsey Cardinale's gone.

In other news...the end-of-work countdown continues. 5 days down (including today), 9 more to go.

I was worried how business would go today because there was a report on Good Morning America about a lady who found part of a human finger in her chili at a Wendy's. Business didn't suffer much though. Carlos (my boss) says it was actually the fault of the chili meat maker that that happened. (I guess a memo went out).

There was a couple who came in today, and they were showing WAYYYY too much PDA (public display of affection). They were standing in line aggressively kissing one another (making out, I guess) and then I guess they continued doing this kind of thing out in the dining room (my coworker Kristine saw them...she said she wanted to hit them with a tray). It's like, hello, get a room, would ya? Even if it's the coin-op bathroom in the nearby laundromat (which smells like the bottom of some kind of animal cage).

At any rate, I won't be able to watch American Idol anyway cause the TV's still unplugged cause the plumber people aren't done fixing the leak we have. I wonder where they are. They must've left. Meanwhile, there's dehumidifiers everywhere. I think it's drying out my throat.

I played lots of FFTA today. Sis mastered 3 fencing moves (Swarmstrike, Manastrike, and Featherblow) so I was able to make her a Red Mage, which is an expert job for a Viera. I may upgrade some others when I get a chance. Except Marche. I think he's probably ok as a soldier. And maybe Montblanc. I could probably upgrade Brish. Brish knows Life, Cure, and Cura. Montblanc is pretty good. He knows Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Fira. If I could get him to learn Blizzara and Thundara, I'll be in business.

I also need to train up my animist so he can learn more than Chocobo Rush. Meanwhile, I dismissed my archer Brean (who left saying he didn't like me that much anyway...well!) and another or two and now I have a very small clan (Ritz's is the smallest; it's just her and Shara).
I dispatched most of my people mostly cause I accepted a mission on a Jagd, where if you're dead at the end, you're dead for good, and I don't want to lose any of my good people. Fortunately, some of my people are in prison I think so that helps.

I wonder what happens if Marche dies at a Jagd. Does the game end? I hope not.

Oh wait I canceled that one. I just remembered. Never mind!

Anyhow, after I finish this, I'm gonna visit Fiction Express then I have some work to do upstairs. I gotta work on my Excel stuff.

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