Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Music and more

As they call a department on Shop Till You Drop.

I went to the Museum of Making Music yesterday. It was quite fun. They had a bunch of different instruments, including a signed guitar that I think was from Peter, Paul, and Mary, and a nice Beatles display.

We have a pipe leak at home which means I can't take a shower (cause there's no hot water). Till when, I don't know.

I wonder if the girls' locker room at school's open. It might have showers.

American Idol continues. I'm not sure how many more people they're gonna drop before the finale. I think Jessica Sierra should go. Even though she's a Jessica Simpson look-alike (okay, an EARLY Jessica Simpson look-alike) her voice isn't THAT great, really. At least they dropped Lindsey Cardinale, who should not have even made it to the top 12, personally.

The Amazing Race also continues. Survivors Rob and Amber just keep going on. They finished first this last time. Again. Ugh...I just want them to lose. It wouldn't be fair if they won. Too much publicity for CBS, if anything else. And frankly, do they NEED a million dollars? Amber already won that on Survivor.

They have a special 2-hour show next week...I wonder why, cause normally they only have that for the finale, and maybe the premiere. It can't be over already!!

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