Sunday, March 20, 2005

Vacances du printemps (Spring vacation)

Vacation's where I wanna be....a buddy on the beach where the fun is free....we don't need a holiday to start to celebrate....repeat after me, I need a vacation...

Hee hee. I was just reminded of a Vitamin C song.

I had a good day today and am looking forward to spring break, even though I have to work.

Right now I'm nursing my arm. The reason? Well, I got tired of having to go out when I wanted a soda, so I went out and bought a 2-liter of Max Cola (cause it was really cheap...94 cents with tax...sweet!), but when I was going home I followed what I thought would be a new shortcut home, but it involved climbing over a wall. I got to the top of the wall, then decided to (carefully) push myself (sitting down) to where the wall seemed to be closer to the ground. I never got there. Instead, I fell back over the other side of the wall (the side I had climbed up from) and landed on some not-so-soft foliage. I got only a couple cuts, but they really, really hurt (they're better now, though, thanks to the fact that I invested in some antibiotic Band-aids one morning when I tripped over a curb on my way to Savon before school). One's just a few scratches, but one on my wrist (right where it meets the hand) got cut kind of deep. Nothing 911 serious, but pretty bad. Now I know why they put the nails there when they crucified Jesus (they couldn't put them in the hands because they would destroy certain nerves). It even hurts to type right now (fortunately, it's on my left arm, which isn't my writing arm...hooray!)

But I'm going to have some explaining to do at work tommorrow. Too bad I can't wear a long sleeved shirt.

Gotta go. My friend Mark is picking me up soon to take me to college group.

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