Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Back to the usual

Well, it's back to work and so on for me. But today it's raining which is just peachy for my allergies, plus I have an unexplainable earache in my right ear.

FFTA tip of the day:

-Keep Mareen out of the direct line of fire if you can, that way if you have to revive her with Phoenix Downs she won't get killed again right away.

I bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for my GBA yesterday. Only $9.99. Nice.

I gotta stop buying games though cause I have very little money to spend right now, until I get paid on the 1st.

Notice I changed some settings on my blog. The top message is different, and I added a picture. It's a manga picture of Misty. She has a flip phone, like me...:)

The Amazing Race is on tonight, but it's basically just a recap of the last few episodes. Hello!!! You leave us hanging in Hungary, and all we get is a clip recap show???? Last episode, they didn't even finish the episode, but showed the last place people settling down for the night while the others got a lead on them at the next route marker, then it said "To be continued..." What?! You can't do that!!

I kind of wonder if they will get out of Europe eventually. They did go to Dakar but then they went back to Europe. So far their destinations have been such: Chicago, USA, to Grindavik, Iceland (via Rejkvavik and a glacier); Grindavik, Iceland, to Voss, Norway (via Oslo); Voss, Norway, to Stockholm, Sweden (via a bus to Stockholm and then via train to Haggvik, tandem bicycle to the roadblock and then back to Haggvik station, then by train back to Stockholm); Stockholm, Sweden to Île de Gorée, Senegal (via Dakar), Île de Gorée to Berlin, Germany (ferry to Dakar, then flying, and a lot of riding in taxis); Berlin, Germany to Budapest, Hungary (by air). And now we wait...

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