Wednesday, December 15, 2004's Odin's day, Wednesday!

Hi everyone. It's Odin's day, or Wednesday (he was also called Woden). Why I thought of that, I don't know.

I finished The Prisoner of Azkaban. It was longer than the first two and I didn't read it as nonstop as the others. I was surprised that Sirius Black turned out to be a good guy. But at least the bad guy Harry went after in the end wasn't Voldemort this time.

I started re-reading Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China, a book my uncle gave me. It's an autobiography of a young Chinese woman and her mother and grandmother living in pre-Communist and Communist China. It's rather interesting.

Now that finals are over, hopefully I can work on my novel! Right now it is tenatively titled Us Against the World and is the first novel I've written that's more than 10 chapters (I think).

Christmas is coming up...only 10 days. Yay!! So is my work Christmas party (it's next Monday). It's at 9pm, the reason being that I work at Wendy's, and the dining room closes at 9pm (the drive-thru's open till midnight).

At least the week is half gone, meaning the weekend (and payday) is coming up. I'm interested in seeing what will be on the International Channel on Friday night from 8:00-8:30, now that Tenchi in Tokyo is over.

Speaking of that, feel free to visit my Generator Gawl site. There's a link in my profile, but I'll put it here too:

I am going to create a general site for myself also, but not for a while...I can't think of a title.

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