Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Only three days till Christmas...

Yay! Only 3 days till Christmas!!!!

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday, so I am happy there too.

I have also bought 2 games for my GBA: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. The FX game is a spaceship racing game, but it's kind of hard to do because I keep bumping into the shocking fences.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is fun. After the beginning of the game, which involves the city turning into a magical land, the game is mission-based, kind of like the James Bond video games, except with no complex objectives like "keep so-and-so alive." You go to pubs in cities and accept missions, then you and your clan go to the place the mission says, then you typically fight some monsters, although some missions aren't battle ones.

I also bought a "wormlight." This is a light that plugs into the GBA and it helps you be able to see in the dark or in dim light. It matches my GBA too. I wonder if the guy picked out the one I got because of my GBA color. I had it in my hand when I walked in this afternoon (I was playing FFTactics).

I am anxiously awaiting Christmas...

The battles are hard. The bad guys tend to gang up on my one clan member (I forgot his name) who knows Black Magic, i.e. magic that actually hurts the bad guys. I have two people who know "white magic" which is stuff like healing and things. Plus the main guy, Marche, and this one soldier Roland both have healing moves. It takes a while. I had to do the first battle 3 times before I finally beat it.

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