Thursday, December 16, 2004

The week goes on...

I's sort of pointless to post here every day, but I have at least an hour before I have to leave for work and I'm bored.

I just picked up my research paper, which was also my final for English. I think I got a good grade. My teacher has certain criteria she goes by, which she divides into 2 parts. I got a B- on the first half and an A on the other half.

I have decided on a title for my general site: Sakura no Inochi. This means literally, "spirit of the cherry blossom." Imochi literally means "life, animate existence," but I heard it used for "spirit" in Kiki's Delivery Service so I suppose it's all right to translate it as "spirit." I just looked up "spirit" in an English-Japanese dictionary (the above definition was from a Japanese-English dictionary) and the word iki, which means "breath," was given as one of the words for spirit, which I suppose corresponds to our word psyche.

Hmmm maybe I should change the title. How about chikara no sakura (strength of the sakura)? Noo...jitsu no sakura (truth of the sakura)? No...jiyu no sakura (freedom/liberty of the sakura)? Uh no. Oh brother. about Sakurabira? That means "sakura petals" and is nice and compact. Hurray. I like that.

Ok enough babbling. Look for Sakurabira soon. I am going to build most of it offline then load it on some web site server, although probably not Geocities. Or maybe Geocities. Don't know.

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