Saturday, December 18, 2004

No payday for me...

Well I didn't get paid today...the bigwigs in Tennessee forgot to send our checks. We won't get them till Monday. If then. I just hope I get it before our Christmas party Monday night.

My mom told me I should buy something for myself with the $50 my grandpa sent me so I can say I used it for Christmas. Or something like that. Maybe I'll buy one of those used GBA's for $39.99 that I've heard about at EB Games. I would have to use some of my paycheck to actually buy any games for it though. I want some GBA Video cartridges too. I'll have to check the prices on those.

(GBA stands for "Game Boy Advance," for those who don't know).

They should make a camera thing for the GBA, like the Game Boy Camera thing for the original Game Boy and the Game Boy Color.

Speaking of cameras, I have one on my new cell phone, a LG 6100. I have been taking a series of pics of the sun at different times recently. I will show them to you on here if I can figure out how to get the pics from my cell phone to the computer. Maybe if I send them to my e-mail address? Don't know.

Well I wanna check the prices on that stuff, so bye for now.

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