Thursday, December 23, 2004

Under the weather...

Well I am sort of under the weather. I have a headache and some other pain, which is kinda private. *sweatdrop*

It seems to be going away though...I guess ibuprofen really works. Or was it the non-brand name frosted flakes I just ate? I do have quite a sweet tooth. :)

I have decided to start a daily feature in this blog. It will be called "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Tips of the Day." I imagine this will go on for quite some time, as I understand there are 300 possible missions you can do in this game, which, according to one review, provides 100+ hours of gameplay. FUN!!!!!!! Sometimes reading on the bus gets boring, which sounds strange for me to say, since I love reading, but since most of my reading lately was for school, I guess it makes sense.

Anyways, here's the first Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Tips of the Day:

-Try to keep your White Mage (Brish at first, and there's probably others) because they can use white magic to heal you. While First Aid only heals yourself, Cure can heal others also which is awesome.
-Regarding the mission Thesis Hunt: Take out the white mage first. I got this tip from a online walkthrough, and it certainly helped, although I still had to do the mission several times. He is the one who looks like Brish, and you wanna take him out for the reason explained above: White Mages can heal, and this one can do some kind of Protect move on his teammates too that ups their defense or something. He plays hard-to-get, but with patience, you can take him out. Use Marche or Roland at first to get to him; they have the longest move ranges. Either that, or try using Montblanc's magic (just make sure none of your teammates are in the line of fire; I've accidentially killed some of my own people that way...oops) or one of your archers--Mareen is the best. (Annie's not as good).
-Save often. I have to do a couple missions over now cause I forgot to save. You can save when at the World Map; press start, select system from the menu, then select save. It will ask you what slot you want to save to initially, and you can save over data too. I don't know how much data each slot holds, but probably a lot; there's only 2 slots though.
-Use the L button when entering battle to check on laws that are in effect before dispatching your clan members. One fight I started to do then quit has a law against fighting, meaning I should leave out my main "fighters" like Marche and Roland, and maybe Mareen, and rely on my magic users.

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Misty said...

I noticed an error I made here in the "FFTA tips of the day," which I'd like to correct. You only press L to check laws when at the World Map. Prior to battle, check current laws by pressing Select.