Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back from Mexico

Wow, how it really been a week since I last wrote?!

Well the weekend is over and so is Oasis. I am sitting at the computer doing stuff while I wait for my laundry. Once I finish I am going to work on my IMT stuff.

Oasis was fun. The dance party last night was boring, but overall the trip was fun. The weather was nice and sunny, just like I prayed for. But I did get sunburned, which is no fun. Ouch! Mostly only on my face, though. Even my arms are fine, and I wore short-sleeved shirts all weekend.

I brought $60 for spending money and spent almost all of it. I bought a camera (that looks like a disposable but it's actually reusable...I'm not going to reuse it though) and spent $25 on a nice sequined wrap from one of the local vendors. There was a guy selling wraps, a lady selling dresses, a guy selling candy and fruit, and a guy selling jewelry. I made the mistake of expressing interest in some opal pendants and then deciding not to buy them. The jewelry guy said this one pendant was $20, then he offered it at $18 and then $13. I only had $11, and I still needed money to go horseback riding, so I ran away from the guy so he would stop heckling me. The wrap guy wanted $25 for the wrap, so that's what I gave him. Everybody told me I was nuts. The idea is to try to bargain for a lower price, kind of like in markets in many African countries. But I didn't. After all, the thing was nice, tasseled, AND it had sequins on it. But I did feel for the rest of the day that I had been overcharged, only cause people said so. I definitely didn't want to buy a candied apple or a mango, just in case I didn't like them. I would have to throw them away down there, rather than saving them, because you can't bring fruit across the border for fear of bugs. (There was a warning poster for Mediterranean fruit flies at the border crossing, in a place thousands of miles away from the Mediterranean...hmm).

I'm too tired to right any more. Bye...

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