Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pac Man and TV

There was an article in Yahoo Health News today about how certain TV shows affect kids' body image. Here's the link:

In other news, Pac Man, the well-loved Namco video game icon, turns 25 this month. Here's the scoop:

As for me, not much to report. Oasis is next weekend. Yay. I have to find a beach chair this week so I can take it to group this Sunday for them to take down to Baja. Ditto on a tent, if we can't find a suitable one among what we have.

I think I'll take a suitcase rather than a duffel this year cause (1) people do do that for Oasis (I've seen them) (2) it would be WAYYY easier to lug from the bus area (especially if I take the wheeled one) and (3) It would be easier to keep my stuff organized. The downside is that the duffel I have I used the past 2 summers for Oasis has my name on it and the suitcases don't. Course, I could always make a tag using paper and our handy-dandy portable laminater.

I re-started Tales of Symphonia. Well I had gotten a little ways in and then Genis leveled up to Level 8 without learning his Level 7 attack, Aqua Edge. So I deleted the file and started over, cause I had no other choice. I am following the guide to the letter this time so I don't miss any side quests, etc.

I am trying to get all the titles too. Some you get automatically from game events or by default at the beginning (like "Drifting Swordsman" for Lloyd, "Fledgling Chosen" for Colette, and "Archaeological Mania" for Raine) but others require that you do something in battle or whatever. Like if you talk to Raine at the schoolhouse after completing the Martel Temple, Genis earns the title "Brotherly Love." Battle ones usually come from attacking a certain number of times (like "Combo Newbie" for Lloyd) or doing something else during battle. I knew from the first time I played that Colette has a couple battle titles that are easy to get, if you do things right. "Self-control" comes when she doesn't use any Special Attacks, and "Don't Run!" comes when she doesn't run during battle. Both require you to control Colette during battle. The best way to make this work is to put her on Manual, since I can't seem to control her using Semi-Auto. Then put Lloyd (the default player-controlled character) temporarily on Auto so he attacks by himself. Go to Strat in the menu (press Y to bring it up) and set Colette's Skill/Magic strategy to "Hold Position" and her movement strategy to "Move Freely." Now enter battle. The others will begin to fight. Basically don't touch anything (unless you need to heal up with an item or something) and Colette won't move or attack. If you did it right, you should earn both titles at the end of the battle; if you only earn one, then try again in the next battle, or check the strategy screen.

Enough said. Bye.

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