Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My new look!

For anyone who bothers to visit my blog, you'll notice I changed the template! This also solved the "post is not on the top of the page" problem, which is nice.

I also changed the links on the side of the page by going in and editing the HTML. I wasn't able to play with the sidebar color, though, cause I have no idea what code governs that.

I linked to Generator Power (my website), Fiction Express, and to Anime Angels, a e-magazine that I am on the staff for (although I haven't written anything yet...I'm still feeling my way around).

Nothing much to report. I've reached Level 3 in the Code Lyoko Club, the members' thing of the Code LYOKO website. I have no idea how this happened cause I hadn't been to the site in ages. I did go back recently because they sent me an e-mail saying I had reached Level 3 and to check my secret album (a special members-only area for myself with pictures and videos I have earned for my participation).

I've been playing my Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon GBA game, and even though I did get to Level 4 of the city today (an accomplishment) it's still really, really hard, and it's tough to keep track of the passwords needed to continue your game because they change.

Well, I'm going to go get ready to go get my paycheck.

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