Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memory card blues

My memory card is damaged. My Game Cube informed me of this problem this morning. According to customer service at Nintendo, it's not a fixable problem. You just have to replace the card. Boo-hoo....

I have to start Tales of Symphonia all over, and I wasn't even halfway through it. I was almost halfway through it. Oh well, I guess it's all right. I can make sure everybody learns their attacks, especially Kratos since I may use him against Kvar again if he insists again. I will find all the items and all the skit points. I will make sure to do all the side quests (well, actually I've been pretty good at that, but I will have Colette name the dog at the Iselia House of Salvation at the beginning instead of waiting till post-Tower of Mana when she can't do it).


Oh well.

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