Saturday, June 18, 2005

Video game is going well

Well Genis finally learned Aqua Edge. Yay.

I am doing things a bit differently than the first time. Like for when you first go to the Palmacosta Human Ranch, I chose to go back to the city and deal with Dorr first. Thus I was virtually crushed by Kilia, the boss of that part, because I lacked the experience I could've gained if I had destroyed the ranch first.

So I went out of the city and wandered around for a while to strengthen up, healing with cooking or by going to the House of Salvation. I wound up having like 11,000 gald at the end. Nice.

Right before we reached the city again on the way back, Genis learned Stalagmite, that rock move that you first see during the first fight against Botta at the Sylvarant Base. This helped immensely later on in the fight against Kilia. I also stocked up on Life Bottles since her lightning and dark attacks tend to kill you, and on Orange Gels to up Tech Points for everybody, especially Colette and Kratos -- Colette for her Angel Feathers move, which is strong against Kilia, and Kratos for his First Aid move. I also tried to keep my and Genis's TP up, especially Genis's, since Stalagmite uses 20 TP. When I needed to, I backed off from the fray to use an Apple Gel (which heals 30% of your HP) then rushed back into things. I managed to launch two Unison Attacks as well, which is hard to pull off during a boss battle like this. I set it up pretty well. I had Lloyd using Fierce Demon Fang and Kratos using Double Demon Fang, and then I paired up Genis and Colette with Lightning and Pow Hammer respectively, because this would trigger the Compound Unison Attack Mjollnir.

Unison Attacks are not always hard to execute. Once you have Sheena in your party (which happens later in the game) it becomes easier to fill the Unison Attack gauge faster, especially once she is able to summon more than just Corinne. Her "seal" attacks are powerful and thus are more likely to succeed, which ups the gauge.

I wonder how I will get a road pass for Hakonesia Peak now that I did things the other way with Dorr. If you do the ranch first, he gives you one. But if you don't, he gives you a Card Key and a passcode for a side entrance to the ranch. Maybe you can get one from Neil (the assistant Governor-General) or from Magnius?

Beats me.

In less than a week I go to Oasis! Yay!

I am going to bring my sleeping bag, beach chair, and tent to college group this week for them to load on the trailer. Then I will take a suitcase and then use my laundry bag to hold Mumfy (my stuffed penguin...yes I still sleep with a stuffed animal) and my pillow (or pillows...I sleep with 2), and then I'll have something to put my laundry in as well. I will also need to bring a tote bag or my backpack to carry things I want on the bus. Maybe I will buy a new tote for this occasion. If I can find one, that is. The ones at work aren't what I want.

Okay bye.

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