Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #101: There in the Clutch

Today's Video: "Star Player"

Discuss/Describe someone that always comes through for you in the clutch situations.

My parents come through for me in a clutch, I think, though I don't always appreciate that they do.

I think I come through in a clutch to people at work, cause I always try to help out. Miyuki in particular has expressed her appreciation of me doing this. Actually I learned how to blow up balloons because of this. (Patricia the HABA girl was manning the balloon station one year the day of the nearby high school's graduation, and I was bored and asked if she needed help). I also try to help people on the bus who aren't sure how to get somewhere, cause I've been riding the bus for 10+ years. 

I could probably do better though...

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