Sunday, April 27, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #106: Divine Appointment

Today's Video: "Pray for Me - Divine Appointment"

Discuss/Describe a person that was at the right place at the right time that you know was God ordered.

My friend Tara and her Chi Alpha group. I needed Christian companionship at the time I discovered Chi Alpha, and they provided it for me. In retrospect, I think God orchestrated that I would be at that school carnival where I found their booth and met them. Tara and I grew particularly close when I went through that one-on-one devotional for graduating seniors with her in my last semester. That was very useful.

Other than that, God has granted me some very nice and understanding teachers over the years, like Dr. Anover, Dr. Cucinella, Dr. Wilson, Mr. Cleveland my awesomely patient Web Design teacher, Mr. Prior my MAT 120 teacher, and Ms. Striebel from the Business Office Technology department, among others. Also Mrs. Morquecho, the librarian at my K-12 school who I got to know very well as a kid and worked for as an aide my senior year of high school.

I hadn't thought about divine appointments being someone coming along and meeting a need you really need met. I always thought of it as some mystical, destined thing that brought two people together at just the right moment. It's an interesting thought.

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