Monday, May 19, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #128: Run Over

Today's Video: "Dead Dog"

Discuss/Describe one situation of a friend or family member who could be on their way to getting run over by life.

My friend Miyuki comes to mind. She is frustrated by her job at our workplace. I think she might actually complain more than me. She also is the main caretaker of her diabetic boyfriend (with whom she shares an apartment) and has to deal with her "in-laws" (as she calls her boyfriend's parents), who apparently like to make her life miserable. Well, mostly the mom, who's real overprotective of her son. His dad just sort of goes along with the mom. I told her her boyfriend needs to stand up to his mother about this, but apparently her boyfriend's not really the type to do that. The fact that he can't seem to hold a job doesn't help much.

Meanwhile, Miyuki is trying desperately to finish school (she wants to do medical research), but has found it hard to get our work to work around her school schedule. It took me longer than usual to finish school too, but that's cause I only went to school twice a week (more than that at first, but for most of the time it was that way) and never took more than 4 classes at a time, cause that's the most I could handle (the exception to this is when I was getting my web design certificate on top of my B.A.). So I can kinda sympathize. But the reason I only went to school twice a week is cause I finagled my classes to be so, to make it easy on my work to work around it (cause I knew my current work would at least give me 2 days off a week). 

I try to be a supportive friend, but often I don't know what to say to help her. I mean, I have my own stresses too. My friend and coworker Geraldina nicknamed me Reneesme (after the Twilight character); if only I had her power to show people my thoughts. But I don't. 😔

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