Saturday, May 31, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #140: Citizen of Heaven

Today's Video: "Citizenship"

Discuss/Describe three aspects of your world, your friends, music, TV, language or diet that are actually contrary to the kingdom of God. In other words, they drag you away from God. As a citizen of heaven, Phil 3:20, you need to create an environment that reminds you and nurtures a heavenly attitude in your heart.

Well I try to stay away from bad stuff for the most part. I was basically raised in a Christian bubble, with church and going to a Christian school. But I know I am influenced by the world, and have been pulled away from God. Last year I didn't tithe or read my Bible or do any sort of devotions at all. 

But let's see...three things. My addiction to the internet I guess is one. Not that I look at porn or anything like that. But I spend too much time online, time I could probably spend doing something spiritual. I also have moved away from writing strictly Christian fiction. I haven't written anything anti-Christian, but I have written stuff that wasn't overtly Christian. It may have Christian values in it, but it doesn't mention God or the Bible. (Then again, my favorite book of the Bible, Esther, doesn't mention God's name at all). Also, where before I would never have included alcohol or sex or anything like that in my books, I am becoming slightly more ok with that. Well, not the sex. That's not going to happen. But the alcohol thing I'm becoming more ok with (in the Doctor Who story I'm working on, The Doctor and the male protagonist Darren both drink, although the main character Alys does not). Cursing I am also against, though I might be ok with like "bloody hell" or something like that. I wrote a novel a while back where one of the characters was a rape victim, though the rape was not described in any detail. I also am uncomfortable still writing about drugs.

The main "objectionable" subject I've written about more lately is magic. I am a big fan of fantasy, Christian and secular. For NaNoWriMo 2 years ago I wrote a novel that was my take on the magical girl genre, complete with magic. And while I'm not a Wiccan or anything, I am ok with writing about magic, whereas some Christian fantasy writers aren't. 

I also don't eat very healthy at all. That probably doesn't make God very happy.

In other words, not living a very heavenly attitude at the moment.

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