Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #17: Damaging Habits

Here's my challenge answer for today's Miles-a-Minute video, "Bentley."

Discuss/Describe one lifestyle habit contrary to the Bible, that you practice. Describe the ultimate damage it will do to your life.

Well, I don't take very good care of my body. I don't eat well. I don't exercise like I should. I often don't get the amount of sleep that I should. I stare at screens for too long and have eyestrain because of it. I neglect making the proper medical appointments that I should make (physicals, dental checkups - once I went 6 years without going to the dentist! - visits to the eye doctor, etc). I don't brush my teeth every day. I never replaced my retainer when it got messed up, so now my teeth are all messed up again. I never did anything with the referral to an oral surgeon about my wisdom teeth. I was supposed to make a follow-up appointment to discuss my cholesterol test results but never did. I haven't gotten a flu shot. I don't do any sort of skin care. I have a flaky scalp, resulting in dandruff issues. I have issues with earwax stopping up my ears. I've probably damaged my hearing somewhat listening to music too loud. I haven't looked into fixing my issue with being unable to blow out my nose (which my mom thinks might be a deviated septum).

And then there's my mental health. Aside from going and seeing Dr. Feder, an experiment that ultimately proved unhelpful for the most part, I haven't sought any help for my Asperger's. Often I think I may have depression too, though that might just be mood swings from PMS (which I often fail to recognize as such till my period starts) or just a case of the normal old blues. I think I may have an anxiety disorder as well, as Dr. Feder speculated. I have ways of coping that are relatively healthy (well, healthy in the sense that they aren't self-destructive, like cutting...though I guess my emotional overeating isn't that healthy). 

Ultimately, if I don't change my ways, it is going to negatively impact my health. I run the risk of becoming morbidly obese. This comes with all sorts of health risks, like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc. If I don't take care of my sight and hearing, I run the risk of losing them completely, something I fear almost as much as death itself. And there's risks for my dental health too (I think I already have some gum disease). 

As for my mental health, there might come a time I can't cope anymore and I might go insane or something. There are times I do actually fear I am losing my grip on reality. I guess that is one potentially unhealthy way I cope with situations - I slip into a world of fantasy, the world of the stories I write. But if I slip too far into them, I might start to think they're actually real and become delusional. And that's a scary thought.

Ok I'm scaring myself just writing all this. God, please help me to stop all this before it goes too far!

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