Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Miles a Minute Challenge #3: Underestimated Talents

Here's my challenge answer for today's Miles-a-Minute video, "Leopards."

Discuss/Describe one person whose talents you have unfairly underestimated.

I guess I may have initially underestimated my coworker Miyuki. She's a pre-med bio major who wants to go into medical research. She knows way more about science and medicine than I do and enjoys talking about it with some authority.

You wouldn't expect such a science whiz to also be artistic - after all, science is left-brained and art is right-brained, right? Well, it's possible. Cause Miyuki is also an excellent cake decorator. She often turns out much more creative cakes than the two decorators we have now too. While they play it more safe, she is more out of the box. And it pays off cause her cakes look great, even if they don't always sell immediately. And others have noticed her talent too - she also decorates on the side, and just did somebody's wedding cake. I told her it would be cool if she had her own little cake shop, to which she joked she'd be "the doctor with the cake shop."

People underestimate autistic people I think as well. Just cause autistic people like me don't do well socially (some even withdraw from society significantly), that doesn't mean that we're not smart or nice or capable of great things. Many famous historical figures are speculated to have been autistic, including Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Mozart, and Andy Warhol. There are well-known autistics out there today as well - like animal handling expert and autism advocate Temple Grandin, American Idol finalist James Durbin, America's Next Top Model contestant Heather Kuzmich, Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri, and Britain's Got Talent winner Susan Boyle. I was actually quite inspired by Grandin's story in the movie Temple Grandin and have read a couple of her books. The recent revelation of Boyle's autism was a surprise, but I guess makes her success on Britain's Got Talent even more amazing. I saw James Durbin on American Idol (he was on Season 10), and did like him a lot, even if his preferred style of music isn't my favorite. As a big fan of Pokémon, I was somewhat pleased to find out about Tajiri. It made me feel like I could understand why I was so drawn to Pokémon, a little.

I don't know yet why God made me autistic, and how he's going to use that in my life, and how my writing talent (which has been recognized since I was a kid by people other than me...sometimes I wonder if the reason I have such issues with people criticizing my writing is because when I was growing up all my teachers just praised my writing and kept saying how amazing it was and what a talented writer I was) will fit into it all. We'll see, I guess.

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