Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #9: Forgiveness and Mandela

Here's my challenge answer for today's Miles-a-Minute video, "Mandela."


Discuss/Describe one relationship that can be strengthened by your forgiveness.

I think my relationship with my mom might be one. We don't always see eye to eye. She is always telling me how to dress, has never believed I could ever possibly drive a car, and half the time spoils my plans by saying me having a day off from work would be a good day to clean my room (though granted my room usually needs it when she says that). Also both she and my dad are really paranoid about me being out after dark, even though I am almost 30. Which is why usually I don't go anywhere after dark, or if I get off work at nighttime and can get myself home, I come straight home. I think this is why, subconsciously, I turn down almost every invite I get from coworkers to go to a party or otherwise hang out at night (the other reason is probably fear of an uncomfortable social situation). And I wonder why I hardly ever get invited anywhere.

I think I need to be more forgiving of my mom; after all, she is my mom and probably just doing this cause she thinks it's good for me. Recently she said I need to take more adult responsibility, that she and Papa have just been enabling me to live a life where little is expected of me. Which is true. I haven't had any motivation to really change my situation. I would've probably been fine being unemployed and focusing on school when I got let go from my job in late 2006. I wasn't really motivated to look for work. (Though I suppose I would've been once whatever money I had in the bank ran out). I only started job searching cause my parents put their foot down and insisted on it. I was unemployed for about 2 1/2 months, before I got the job I have now. And that was 7 years ago. Granted, I'm seriously overqualified for this job, but nothing came of the jobs I was qualified for that I applied for (in one case - a job in the North County Times's Classified department - I got an interview, but when I showed up for the interview, I waited for an hour in the waiting room and they never called me back into the office for my interview...after an hour I decided to leave cause this was getting ridiculous. And yes, I did tell them I was there. Also, there was the time I applied for a job at the library...I filled out the application, went downtown to take the required test, had the proctors laugh at my California ID picture, passed the test - though not with a very high score - and then kept having to play phone tag to find out my next step, before I gave up). That job got me through school though, and has union protection and health insurance.

Anyway, sorry, back on topic...I need to be more forgiving with my mom. She probably just wants the best for me.

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