Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #52: Pressure Rising

Today's Video: "Boiling Point"


Discuss/Describe what triggers in your life that cause your blood pressure to rise?

I am one of those people who normally can keep my composure under pressure pretty well. But if things pile up, then my ability to do so weakens, and gradually I get angry or stressed or frustrated or impatient, cause I can't keep it bottled up anymore.

Even worse, I'm not good at expressing how I feel (it's an Asperger's thing I think).  So if I get frustrated or whatever, I can't always explain why very well. Other than by complaining. I'm also by nature not very patient, which doesn't help.

Lately especially I've had major trouble with this. I need to get back to a point where I have better composure.

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