Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Writing withdrawal

I actually told someone today I was buying a notebook because I was going through writing withdrawal.

Which sounds stupid in retrospect, but it's true though. I've been doing so much writing lately that it feels weird when I take a break from it. I keep feeling like I should be writing, regardless of whether I have a project to work on at the moment. (Actually I still have that project to work on for Miss Dream, the manga chapter summary one -- maybe I should bang that out in one blitz this weekend. Cause I feel bad that I am so bad with deadlines for stuff over there. I was really bad at getting the error guides up in good time most of the time).

I do feel like I need to assess my current project commitments and cut some stuff from my plate, cause I'm feeling overwhelmed again. I'm tempted to drop TARDIS Thoughts. It was fun for a while, but now writing the posts seems like a chore. They take like 2 hours each to write on average. And I say they're analysis, but they're totally just recaps. And there are plenty of those. Heck, there's quite a bit of analysis out there too (TARDIS Eruditorium, Doctor Who and Philosophy, etc). On the other hand, my posts do tend to get a fair amount of +1's when I share them on Google+, and the blog has had a nice amount of page views. (10,904 to be exact - just checked. And the blog has been up for about a year and a half). Apparently my most popular post at the moment is my post from the day before the Twelfth Doctor casting announcement, sharing my thoughts about Matt's then-imminent departure. I have gotten the blog linked to on Doctor Who and Combom, The Doctor Who Transcripts, and I think one or two other places. I also paid more money than I would've liked (mostly cause the person was so insistent about having my business they were willing to haggle with me on price, even when I was prepared to just walk away) to have it be advertised via banner advertising on a major fansite (advertising I still have to make or at least send them graphics for). I hope that op pays off cause $100+ for 3 months of banner advertising, plus some Twitter advertising thrown in to sweeten the deal, is a LOT.  And I am not making that mistake again, no matter how good their exposure is. 

When I think about it that way, I feel like I should keep that blog up. For those thousands of people who have read it and found it through Google (Google is my primary traffic source). And I did spend a lot of time making the custom header banner and tweaking the Wordpress-style layout, plus writing all the pages (and updating them periodically). I'm just SO behind on posts though. I need to make an effort to get them done. If they didn't take so long to write, I'd write a bunch at once and just schedule them. But I have like all of Series 3 to do right now. Plus the 50th and "The Time of The Doctor," along with a bit of Classic Who. Oh and Series 5 and 6, which I watched last December, with all the specials attached to them. And I still haven't seen Series 4 and the 2008-2010 specials.

I hope to start my pre-Series 8 Classic Who catchup soon, so I think I'll save the Classic Who posts for that. For now I need to get caught up on New Who. Oy so much work though...did I mention I feel overwhelmed?

In high school I would never have let things pile up like this. How did I get to be such a procrastinator??

Anyway...gonna take a shower. More on this later maybe.

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