Friday, March 21, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #69: Availability

Today's Video: "Candle"

Discuss/Describe how much of you is truly available to God. Do you have passion for our Lord today?

Not enough. I have made God a part of my life, but only a part.  I am hesitant to surrender everything to him, because I don't like giving up control. It scares me. Even though I know I should, that God knows a lot better than me. 

I used to have passion for our Lord. But not so much now. And I guess I may not have had enough even in the past seeing as I've never witnessed to anyone. But definitely before high school I did. Probably cause I was living in a Christian bubble - Christian home, Christian school, Christian church - and didn't know much else. I mean, I avoided reading Harry Potter because of how some Christians felt about it, and missed out largely on one heck of a fandom. 

I would like to have passion for him...but I'm afraid to give up control. Also the people I know who seem really on fire for him seem to talk about nothing else. God finds a way into every conversation. Which I guess is fine, but it just comes across as holier-than-thou to me. It might have to do with the situations in which I have primarily met these people though. People like Tara from Chi Alpha. My parents too, recently. 

I guess what I mean is, can I be an on-fire Christian and still have interests, like anime or history or Doctor Who? Cause if not than that sounds boring. It's like those people who believe all we'll do in Heaven is sit around on clouds and play harps. That idea never appealed to me. 

I want to have passion for God, like I have for other things. He is, as Ella Fitzgerald said of Stevie Wonder, "the genius in everything." But how?

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