Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miles-a-Minute Challenge #41: Over My Head

Here's my challenge answer for today's Miles-a-Minute challenge, "Short Hair."

Discuss/Describe the areas of your life right now, that are over your head and hard to handle.

I'm overwhelmed with a couple of things: all the things that come with being an adult (moving out, cooking, taxes, making my own doctor appointments, etc) and what the heck to do with my career. Now that I'm an adult, I'm supposed to schedule my own physicals, eye doctor appointments, dentist appointments, etc. I have to deal with having my own health insurance. I do my own taxes. I do my own laundry and (most of the time) dishes. I am supposed to keep my room and bathroom clean (though I often fail at this). I don't have the slightest idea exactly what kind of car I want, or how to go about buying one (all I know is I want a small, gas-efficient car with a big trunk, preferably automatic transmission - cause driving stick seems pretty hard - and a radio or some other way to listen to music...though if money were no object, I would want a Jaguar cause I think they're cool). I don't know how to drive very well. I did driving school through MiraCosta, and the guy said I did all right, but probably needed a couple more rounds of it before trying to get my license...except that their school is like $345, which is a LOT of money, especially for only 6 hours of instruction. I am going to see if there isn't a cheaper option out there. And I will have to figure out how to convince my parents to practice with me. My dad says he will but then forgets, and my mom seems convinced I can't drive cause of my spatial issues (determining how far things are from me). 

I also have to deal with buying certain things on my own. A few years ago, when I went to Animé Los Angeles, I booked a hotel room by myself for the first time. (It went all right, except that on the last day I got locked out of my room, with my stuff still in it, cause I didn't check out on time). Also my mom said that with my tax return this year I should buy a new mattress. I do need one. But I've never bought one before. (The one I have now I think came from my grandparents' house). I've actually never bought a piece of furniture myself, because I take the bus and thus getting it home on my own would be kinda impossible. The closest thing I've done to that is buying the barstool that currently serves as my nightstand. My dressers were given to me ages ago, bookcase and file cabinet ditto, CD tower I think also ditto, bed was a hand-me-down as I said (or at least the mattress is), my IKEA desk was I think a birthday present. The wire boxes that currently serve as a makeshift bookcase for my manga I did buy myself, but those are small. Someday, if I get my own place, I totally want to go shopping for furniture. I wish I could go to those cool places I see designers on HGTV go - those cool salvage and antique places or those cool boutiques like West Elm or that cool wallpaper place in New York's Flatiron District that they went to on Home by Novogratz or even Mood (the fabric store they shop at on Project Runway), or those cool flea markets they featured on Flea Market Flip. Or any of those places they mention in design magazines, like Land of Nod (which I think mostly makes kids' stuff, but they do make some cute stuff!). Cause as awful as I am with money, strangely I'm a bargain girl at heart. I hate spending $10 at the supermarket for goodness sake. And I would totally be all right with vintage stuff, cause I'm old-fashioned like that. My ideal house would be quaint and cottage-like, maybe a bungalow or a Craftsman, either that or one of those cool old Victorians with all the gables (like the Spellmans' house in Sabrina the Teenage Witch). None of these bland California houses, especially the kind with the Mexican tile roofs like our current house. And nothing uber-modern and loft-like. I mean, don't get me wrong, lofts are cool and all (I like Felix's loft in Orphan Black, and Mary Margaret's vintagey loft in Once Upon a Time), and some modern apartments are cool too (I really like the Novogratzes' apartment...but then they're "mix vintage with modern" sort of people), but it's just not my taste. I'd be the sort of person who would be just fine in an old-fashioned city apartment in some foreign city (as long as the size was not too unreasonable - there are apartments in Paris that are literally 300 square feet, and Japanese apartments are notoriously tiny). 

Then there's my career. I'm stuck, not sure which path to take. I've been to many seminars, and even took a class in career planning. Even being a writer seems daunting, with all the options out there, the deluge of advice I've read, and all the steps it takes to get published.

I'm not sure what to me God!

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